Nikki. Detroit.




This is all I needed in life


can i just stay like this until tomorrow night





I’m really feeling being gray. Plus peoples reactions have been beyond priceless. lol



Yoooo inspiration

"Our daughter was five months old when I got a scholarship to Johns Hopkins. My wife came with me to Baltimore so that our family could stay together. I will always be thankful for that sacrifice, because I know it was the toughest three years of her life. She didn’t speak a word of English. We lived in a tiny studio— so tiny that many times I did my studying in the bathroom. In Vietnam, she had a job where she was getting phone calls all day long. But in America, the phone never rang. She wasn’t allowed to work because of visa requirements. Vietnamese holidays were regular days in America, so I’d be in class during New Year and we could never be together. Sometimes when I’d come home from school during wintertime, she’d look at me with tears in her eyes and say: ‘Tuan, I want to go home.’ But she still stayed with me. When I finally got my degree, many of my friends asked if I’d look for a job in the US. But I wouldn’t do that to her. She had done enough for me. So I said: ‘We are going home immediately.’ And as soon as we got back to Vietnam, she was like a fish back in the pond."
(Hanoi, Vietnam)
"Mike Brown was shot 6 times for not moving out of the street, but a man who hopped the White House fence has not one bullet hole in his body."
Vincent E. Heck Jr, (via mysharona1987)

A car that should be mine so I can walk outta that bitch like